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Lucky Tex is and Oeko-Tex certified company and our processing Laboratory is equipped by modern research and testing machinery to study and perform maximum fabric testing in-house. All fabric tests are performing according to AATCC, ISO, ASTM and other world wide standards. The members of our laboratory are highly qualified normally textile graduates. Our processing laboratory gives services to all processing and Research and development departments. Their work comprises of daily routine work, trouble shooting enquires, bulk trials, products evaluation in terms of quality, environmental safety and process.
Available Equipments in Lab
S.No Name of Equipments Purpose
1 Top Load Washing Machine Dimensional Stability Test
2 Front Load Washing Machine Dimensional Stability Test
3 Wascator Dimensional Stability Test
4 Curing Machine Curing of Printed and Dyed Samples
5 HT Dyeing Machine Washing Fastness Test & Dry cleaning Test
6 Horizontal Padder For Dyeing and Finishing samples Pad
7 Tumble Dryer For Drying of Tested Samples
8 RK Coater For Pigment Print
9 Electric Stir For Stirring
10 Electronic Balance For weighing of Dyes / Chemicals
11 Electronic Balance (Sensitive) For fabric Weighing
12 Oven For Solid Content Test
13 Micro wave Oven For Hot water and Chemical
14 Flammability Tester Flame Retardant Testing
15 Crock Meter Rubbing Fastness Test/Crocking Fastness Test
16 Nu-martindale For Pilling and Abrasion Test
17 GSM Cutter GSM Test
18 ICI Pilling Box Pilling and Snagging Tester
19 MTUB Light Box Light Fastness Testing ( ISO -105-B01)
20 Light Box For Color Assessment
21 Tear Tester For Tear Testing
22 Tensile Tester For Tensile Strength Testing
23 Impulse Tumble Pilling Pilling Tester
24 Data Color For Color Measurement
25 Wrinkle Recover Tester Wrinkle Test
26 Smooth Appearance Scale Smooth Appearance Test
Test Standards
Quality Management system American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists American Society for Testing and Materials

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